Welcome to Life Mastery – Now!

Do you have a dream or a Vision?

Are you a Life Coach, Healer or Therapist looking to grow and develop your business?

Do you have a ‘problem’ that you’d like to go away?

Then Life Mastery – Now! is for you

We do what it says on the tin – help you master your life – now!

We do that by helping you to take ACTION – because without action, inspiration is just entertainment and motivation is meaningless.

Life Mastery – Now! is a unique resource for those who want to do just that – achieve Life Mastery.

If you’re looking for meaning in your life, looking for change in any part of your life, or wondering just how you can really become the person you want to be and live the life you would love to live then you’re in the right place.

There are three stages to Life Mastery . . .


This is not what they teach you in school, and it’s not what they teach you outside school! This is not what ‘life’ is ‘supposed to be like’, it’s what life really IS. Secrets that have been known for millennia but forgotten or repressed or kept hidden by those who want to use them for personal power over others.

You can enter ‘Discovery’ by simply registering for ‘LIFE MASTERY MATTERS‘ – you’ll receive information and guidance through newsletters and videos and get access to the resources of Life Mastery Universal.

You get a regular ‘Life Mastery Matters’ newsletter and video broadcasts to keep you up to date with the transformational revoolution and access to our directory of trusted professional practitioners and service providers


Step out on the path you wish to follow. There are many paths you could choose but they all lead one way which is to acquire the knowledge and skills you need to master your life.

Join ‘LIFE MASTERY NOW‘ (includes Life Mastery Matters) and you’ll get free access to the vital information and resources you need as well as being able to take a unique personal assessment to help you discover who you really are, followed by a coaching and counselling session to help you discover your way forward.

For the best in transformational coaching and therapy you get access to selected resources and information with reduced price offers on our courses and events as well as all you get from the Discovery Zone


You’ll realise, or may already understand that Mastery of your life can only be achieved by helping others master theirs.

If you’re already a practising coach, therapist, or healer, or training to become one, you know mastery only comes with lifelong learning and passing on knowledge to others so we invite you to join the ‘LIFE MASTERY MATRIX‘ giving you a wide variety of resources on various subjects not only for you to grow your knowledge but also to help you achieve abundance from serving others through your skills.

This is the membership level for practitioners. You’ll be listed on the site and have free access to special resources, events, webinars, courses and books.

This level is open to qualified Coaches, Healers and Therapists (and those in training) who work independently throughout the UK and Europe

“May you be truly happy, May you live in Peace, May you live in Love, May you know the Power of Forgiveness, May you know that your life has deep Meaning and good Purpose”