Professional Practitioners

Ben Coker

Dreambuilder Coach and RTT Therapist, and a practitioner in Soul Realignment, Reiki, and Ho’oponopono.

Cheshire UK

Kathy Maslowski

Therapist for 20 years, Heart centred difference maker and the specialist in my own 5th Dimensional Healing® technique.

Leicester UK

Carol Coggan

Angel Card Reader, Dream Builder Coach, accredited EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner and transformational life coach.

Surrey UK

Christine Hodson

Worcester UK

Diana Berschader
Jo Alexis

Qualified Youth and Community Worker, Teacher, DreamBuilder Coach, Mentor, Manager, Coach, Teacher and Trainer supporting teens and adults

West London UK

Laurie Traquair

Speaker, teacher and certified life coach, Transformational Success Principals, coaching specifically tailored for Women’s needs. Health, wealth and happiness

Essex UK

Mel Scothern

Nottingham UK

Niki Nicolaides

Surrey UK

Roxanne St Clair

Inspirational speaker, author, passionate educator, certified DreamBuilder Coach

South London UK

Sylvia Ennis

Life Mastery Consultant, a transformational and Dream builder coach.

Mallorca, Spain